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Induction Preheater For Extrusion

This unit is suitable for heating of Copper or Aluminum wire in Extruder. Pre-heater ensures correct degree of insulate adhesive to the conductor and constant expansion condition of foamed insulate. It ensures removal of moisture from the conductor; avoid breakage & shrinking of coating due to strains. Staying ahead of the competition these days' means turning out better production in less time which means you need a preheating system that delivers reliable, uniform, in - process wire heating. We have thousands of these units in operation, we are constantly inventing ways to refine and improve our systems to make them even more reliable and efficient.

These are two types, manual heat control and second is Automatic i.e. heat synchronize with line speeds of bare copper.

Techinical Specifications
PH - M 0.40 - 4.52mm 500 mpm. Induction Heat Control by manual & Interlocking with Extruder
PH - SYN 0.40 - 3.60 mm 800 mpm. Automatic heat control, synchronize with line speed of wire.
PH - SYN-H 0.40 - 3.60 mm 1800 mpm. Extra High Speed, Automatic, heat control, synchronize with line speed of wire.